Risk Management

Himalayan Climbing and Mountaineering School (HCMS) management endeavors to identify what might cause harm to the participants and staffs who train together in the mountains and the management takes reasonable precautionary steps to prevent harms and hazards. The mountains themselves seldom pose any threat but the variation in atmospheric conditions causes surrounding environmental changes and hazards. In order to cope in the mountains, it is necessary to be aware of potential unseen hazards. HCMS will take sensible measure to control risk both at workplace and outdoor training venues. When it comes to Health, Safety and Environment of the participants and training staffs, while at indoor training facilities and in nature, HCMS will not hesitate to execute a less risky option; preventing access to the hazards; organizing courses and programs to reduce exposure to the hazard; issuing protective equipment; providing welfare facilities such as first aid and washing facilities; involving and consulting with workers for safe practice.


Additionally, HCMS cares and concentrates without compromising the following for all participants and training staffs: