Our Mission

Climbing and Mountaineering is often understood as activities opened to people with lots of money and demands high level fitness and strength. It is still perceived as risky and dangerous activity by many. However, I resent this idea and firmly believe that mountaineering and climbing is much safer than how it is perceived, if it is carefully planned, organized and prepared by taking necessary safety precautions.


It is our mission to create a renewed image about mountain tourism and mountaineering sports to people of all ages and all walk of life. We want to change the conventional wisdom about mountaineering and climbing so that a kid growing up gets motivation and interest from the parents, uncles or brothers. We aim to achieve this feat through specific, pragmatic and affordable short duration training programs and activities in Climbing and Mountaineering that attracts aspiring professionals, kids, adults as well as retired men and women who look forward to adventurous activities.  We want everyone to keep walking, moving and climbing.


HCMS will develop and promote different types of mountaineering sports with intention to develop athletes who can participate at international events. HCMS courses and programs will sharpen and supplement the skills of professional mountain guides and overall workforce that contributes to the country’s mountaineering tourism. Our course will attract enthusiasts to Nepal from different parts of the world not just as a trekking or climbing destination but also as a training ground creating platform for exchange of ideas and skills which will ultimately elevate our standard at global level.