Our Vision


When it comes to high altitude mountaineering, the Nepalese climbing community has unique identity aided by their ability to adapt well with high altitude environment. They also have the reputation of being honest, loyal and humble. However, they are not recognized for modern mountaineering techniques and as sports climbers. As an experienced mountain guide, I am confident that the combination of the unique character molded with modern mountaineering techniques will certainly raise the standard in their role as professionals and the way they are perceived globally. This fusion will also change the dynamics of new comers in Nepal’s climbing and mountaineering not only as climbers, guides, sports climber and workers. but also as a leader, entrepreneur and expert.


There is no doubt in my mind and in foreseable future, we will be able to see native Nepalese born, bred and groomed right here in the shadows of the Himalayas will set examples and stand tall, together with some of the who is who personality the mountaineering world has seen. They will attain status as globally recognized and leading professionals as well entrepreneurs in Climbing and Mountaineering. Therefore, it is necessary to develop right kind of courses and right kind of training programs that motivate and encourage new comers to think out of box and perform at the highest level. HCMS envisions possibilities and progress through sheer hard work and action.


As a professional climber, mountain guide and instructor, all I ever wanted to see is kids going out with parents and grandparents in nature with trekking poles, harness and gears and play in the mountains. Climbing, Mountaineering and Sports Climbing should be an affordable activity not just to the family of a bank executive but also to a shopkeeper. Climbing and Mountaineering can keep youths engaged in healthy physical activities and out of drugs and depression. This may some day be a better rehabilitation alternative.


I also believe that incorporation of Climbing and Mountaineering in course curriculum of Nepal’s education system from secondary level giving kids opportunity to choose mountaineering as a career when they grow up. Raise standards through various educational programs full of fun activities.


This generation have distanced themselves from nature and remain busy in urban activities more so than the parent and grandparent’s generation. According to revered sages and scholars, the only way a human can be happy is by remaining close and immune with nature. Walking, running and climbing is some of the physical activities human learns in early stages but the grown-ups these days have forgotten the essense of walking as a recreational activity. In order to re-connect and remain happy, we need to walk again. This is the HCMS vision.