Open Climbing Competition

To devlop sport climbing culture in Nepal in large scale HCMS organizes open sport cimbing competition for national and international climbing enthusiasts from time to time. It helps them to build confidence and outgrow sense  of competition among the participants. It is held in  indoor sport climbing centre.

This competition is catagorised into three different components such as male and famale catogory, different age group such as teenagers, adults and senior citizens.

Rock Climbing Sites in Nepal 

Rock climbing in Kathmandy valley – There are several artificial sport climbing center in Kathmandu valley such as Pasang Lhamu sport climbing center at Dhumbarahi, Balaju sport climbing center Balaju industrial area, Astrek sport climbing center Thamel and NMA sport climbing center Kakani just north west of Kathmandu one hour drive form city. As well as well equipped natural rock climbing cliff arround Kathmandu valley hills such as  Chiple and rato paharo at Farping south from Kathmandu just one hour drive.  Raniban cliff Shivapuri Nagarjun national park area west from Kathmandu valley just 20 minutes drive.

Rock climbing in Pokhara valley – Pokahra is the most popular tourist district of Nepal. There is NMA sport climbing and bouldering center at International Mountain Museum. As well as Three sister natural rock climbing center 30 minutes walk from Lake side.